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I don’t understand why my solution is considered wrong when your word and my word gives same points ! I get 60% true, but when 2 words in the dictionnary gives the same maximum points, my solution is tagged as incorrect

Example on test 2 (2 words with the same value) you are waiting “potsie” but I’m outputing “postie” (which is in the list too), that in fact gives the same points ! If you are correct, I’m correct too :slight_smile:


EDIT : OUPS sorry for that :
" If two words win the same number of points, then the word which appears first in the order of the given dictionary should be chosen."


I think test case 07 in Puzzle - Scrabble (medium) may be wrong.
It displays “satire” but I think it should display “restaurateur”. Both are possible with the available letters but “restaurateur” gives a better score (12 - 6).

Has anyone been able to pass this test or indeed confirm my bug suspicions?


“Restaurateur” isn’t possible with the available letters. The fact you got only 7 while “restaurateur” is 12 letters long should give you an hint about the reason why. :wink:


Haha. Of course. You can’t use the same letters twice! My bad. Cheers

I pass all the tests but when I submit my code, the “many possibilities” test fails. I’m pretty sure I select the first one in the list.
Has someone any idea why it passes in the pre-test and fails in the submit ?


I got the same issue when submitting.
It passed all the test cases but failed when submitting the two last test cases.
I dont know why. I’m trying to optimize my code a little more and see.


Same here …
What should we do? Is it our fault or validation’s?

Ok, it was my fault. Now I passed all validation tests.

Same here.
I pass all the test but failed on the “large distionarry” test when summiting my solution
I really don’t know what to do.
Any advise?
Philippe coding in C++



My solution passed all tests during development, but on publish it failed “Valid word” test (all the rest tests passed fine). Used language: C#.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Why not a second Scrabble puzzle?
You must calculate the points of a word put on a Scrabble game already filled with words.
Count also the newly made words if there are any.

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Well, same story here. I pass all the tests, but when submitting last 2 fail. Any progress on this on your part?

At the start I though that the problem was on the repetitions on letters that shouldn’t be recounted, and that is generally correct. Nevertheless,I though that when the ‘scrabble word of 7 letters’ has repetitions itself (no test case cover this scenario here), then a repetition could influence in value more than once (as many times as it appears on the ‘scarble word’) … But it doesn’t work when submitting.

Has anyone clarified this? Thx


Hi, seem to have same problem, what was the problem in your case?

------------------------------------------------------------------ EDITED
Ok, problem solved. Since the selected word should be a permutation of a subset of the ‘scrabble word’'s letters, it should never happen that the amount of instances of any letter present in the selected word to be bigger than the amount of that very letter in the scrabble word.

Example :
scrabble: ihaeiwo
invalid word: hawaii // this is not allowed bc the scrabble word only contains 1 ‘a’

This is evident when playing the physical game, but not when the game is software and you have never played scrabble :wink: (and when the test cases don’t cover this!). Hope it helps!


Validation test is out of working ?

Nope, it’s working here.


I’m having same problem.

I passed all “manual” tests but it failed after submission on : “Large dictionnary 2 (150 pts)

Is there any way to get the input file used by this latest test?

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I passed all the tests but fail on : Valid word (140 pts).
This is a pity. Thanks for helping.

maybe there is a way to pass some web server credentials in program that will give up data from submit test?
or just open socket and put data in it

my idea was good, but somehow it does not work
my attempt to connect to socket failed, i tried a couple of ports but i think they all are closed
i don’t know, but i’m sure they did not provide database connection drivers for any language

anything else?

I’ve changed completely my algorithm and I still can’t pass the “Valid word” test after publishing.

Thanks for your help.