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Extract from statement

If two words win the same number of points, then the word which appears first in the order of the given dictionary should be chosen.

Thank you for your answer, you’re right.

The French translation should insist to say “Si deux mots rapportent le même nombre de points, alors le mot qui apparaît le premier dans le dictionnaire fourni sera choisi.”, it would avoid any misunderstanding.

oh you’re right. We’ll change that. Thank you!

Hi all, i hope someone can help because i’m very desperate. All test pass without problems but when i’m submited my code (javascript or C++) the only test fail is two words with differents values. I don’t know what is happening and where is my error

I pall all the test cases, but after submitting, Large dictionary 1 fails, 2 is OK.
The code is in c++. Am i failing or the test?

Hi guys, I had a problem with passing all testcases but failing “Valid test” when I submitted. The mistake was in a start dictionary, I lost the letter ‘j’. I think it can help somebody. Be attentive. x)

Perhaps even add tiles that increase score such as, Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter, Triple Word, etc.

The Validor of this test is corrupt : only 6 letters given instead of 7.

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Good evening,

i’ve got a question regarding the logic to the Scrabble Puzzle “Valid Word” Testcase.
According to the description, “Your objective is to find the word that scores the most points using the available letters (1 to 7 letters).”. Doing so, my script is returning “qzyoq”, which scores 21 points.
But the testcase failes, as it expects “aeiou” as the correct solution, which only scores 5 points.
Is this because of the rule stating that “a letter can only be used once”?

If you apply the rule “a letter can only be used once”, is the word you script returns “qzyoq” valid? The test is called “Valid Word”…


you’re right, my mistake.
Got it working by now!

Large dictionnary 2 would not pass submission.
Is it a performance issue due to differences between IDE and submission server ?

Tks for that :)) i got 100% now :)) such a relief :))

Help ! I still don’t understand why I’d pass every test in IDE and fail on large dictionary 2 when submitting.
I’ve seen previous answers, and none explained anything that may apply to my case.

Hi! In the puzzle “Scrabble” I have a problem. The condition says that a player has 7 letters. I spent two months trying to understand why my program fails the test “Valid word” on the server. Then I was looking at not 7 letters, and their number in the variable LETTERS. I did it and I came to the conclusion that they are not 7 in this test. I think you should change condition or tests because the letters are not always 7!


Quote from the rules:

A player doesn’t necessarily have to make a 7-letter word; the word can be shorter.

I only failed the valid word test on submit.

Then I found the problem which is :
The available letters is not always 7 (1 to 7 letters).

After considerate that, i pass all the validation test.

i have same issue with test 4 and i noticed while debugging that the first word with greatest score in dictionnary is not the one that must be as output in test …

damn i just found out my mistake … god ! some times you have to get out of the code to get the answer of the mistake … :slight_smile:

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Having some trouble with the tests after submitting. All of them pass in the IDE, but the third test, two words with different values, does not pass when I submit it. Here is the code I have.

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