See solution after finishing one clash of code?


I am wondering if there is a way to see a solution after a clash of code ? Mostly if I can’t solve it and I would like to see the result also to improve my skills ?

Thank you

Hey. Other players can share their codes, you can see them in the report page. But not everybody do so…
You can also use this tool to try to find the Clash you want and try to solve it again.


Hi @anon72424297 !

I’d like to confirm the useful of this tool from @eulerscheZahl :+1: !
→ Thanks to you, i’ve found the original contribution of an (old) and (very) difficult CoC a couple of days ago … in Reverse mode : “I just peel the stickers off!:hushed: :hot_face:
(Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better)

But today, i could solve this now :slight_smile: :+1: !
=> Very good : Thanks for your good job :wink:


Hello everyone,
I just discovered this code game site, but every time I make a clash, there is never a solution afterwards, so I don’t understand my mistake, so I don’t progress!

Sometimes i see the solution to the other players but not in the language I use…

Where can we find the solution after a clash?

Please refer to the previous answers above. In short, you will be able to see others’ solutions only if they share them.

:wave: Hi to all ! @5DN1L : if you enable you can automatically be connected to the internal chat (private salon) of your clash, there you can ask the others payers connected to the same clash (and salon) to share their code after submission :wink:
→ usually, the chat salon appears at the right border of my codingame clash waiting room / IDE window.

Hope it will help you, and maybe some others ?
=> continue to clash and you’ll progress !

Have :sun_with_face:sun, :+1:fun and codingames :wink:

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