See what languages you have completed a challenge in

There should be a way to see what languages you have completed a challenge in from the list of games.

It would be nice to see from the challenge list page like so:

Another alternative would be to add it to the details pane for an individual challenge:

I found another post that mentioned this as a part of a list of improvements from February, but I didn’t see any recent topics about it and figured this deserves its own thread.

Edit: Additionally, the completed languages should be indicated from the language picker menu:



To add on that, like on the detail page, it would be good to have the completion % for each language which have something submited at.
Having a solution in a language doesn’t mean it’s 100%, it may be part of a code, or a test.
Or this should show as completed only if at 100%.


Or this should show as completed only if at 100%.

Totally agree with this.


Kevin, that was my intention, although I agree with Luuna that it would be useful to see percentage completion in the details page.

Hi, we are totally agree with you and this feature will come in a near future but part of a new amazing feature (this topic can be a clue :

So stay tuned :wink:


Looks interesting!

Also agree, language picker, which shows progress in each language, was very helpful.
The visualization in challenge list could be a button, which expand/collapse a language list and the progess like the language picker inside the puzzle window.

Really looking forward to it!

+1 for this request

I tried to create same topic but it exists! Awesome. And I hope it is almost done, hehe

+1 for the stats by language

Love your idea, we really need this now that we have achievements for finishing 15 puzzle with each language, it’s hard to remember which one you’ve already done.

Your first image is cool, but it could be simpler to write a symbol of the language instead so it can save place, like in Codewars:

For completed inside the choose language panel, 1000 times yes.

Please @G_Rom we need those :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s coming :wink:

The new IDE is the first step to new amazing features, including what you are talking about.

For the very first release, the information will be available directly in the IDE (in an history section where you can review all codes you have submitted). This will be released soon.

On a second step, we will think about a way to display it on the game page.


@G_Rom Any chance we can get a hint as to how soon? :smile:

You mentioned it was “coming in the near future” two months ago. I completely understand if you guy’s don’t want to commit to a deadline yet. But in broad terms, does “soon” mean days? weeks? months?

1 or 2 weeks.

Sounds great! I’ll look forward to it!

It would be awesome! I start using this tool from 2 days and this feature is really missing…!

This is now ready!
When you are inside a puzzle - click on results on the left and then history.

Gives you a nice summary per language.

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Oh yeah! Thanks!
And I’ve seen that I can rollback to a previous code! =)