Seeing other's solutions

In Community Puzzles, click on a puzzle that I have not finished, I have a “Details” and a “Solutions” tab. Click on the “Solutions” tab I can see all successful submissions in all programming languages. Although I cannot view the code I can see who finished it with what languages and the time of finishing.
Once I’ve finished the puzzle, I can only see solutions of the same language I used. Choosing “All Programming Languages” in the pull-down menu does not really show all…

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Oh, I’ve just found that although the “All Programming Languages” pull-down option is not working, the individual language options still work. Logically the “All” option can be removed to avoid misleading.

“All Programming Languages” is working for unsolved puzzles.
For solved ones it’s more like “all languages, where I solved the puzzle in”.

I’d like to add that this is consistent with the behaviour with main puzzles (i.e. easy, medium, …) (This is not to say that I think it’s sensible behaviour, just that it’s not limited to community puzzles alone). I think it is helpful to hide solutions that you shouldn’t be able to access, so that you can’t just copy-paste someone elses’ code to get “language mastery” badges (especially for special badges for finishing a puzzle in insert special language here (although for the bash one most people will just cheat it with python / js anyway)), but I think the “all programming languages” mode is well intentioned, but quite misleading.