Send parameters to IDE -> Manual


I would like to request that sending a battle to the IDE would automatically set the game parameters to manual. When I do this, 100 % of the time it is to replay that particular configuration to track and fix a bug, 100 % of the time I need to replay it several times and 100 % of the time I end up erasing the parameters the second time I run the game.


I can see a big downside to this.

Many codingame users just don’t know about the manual mode (and i wonder if this feature is hidden where you are not in expert mode).

So, let’s say you are a noob. You click on “Send parameters to IDE”. Manual mode is activated but you don’t know what it is. Do you see the problem ? Every game you’ll play will be with the same seed and you won’t know why. Even worse maybe you’ll just not notice that.

So my point of view: I agree with Bob suggestion, but only if the manual mode is moved somewhere else in the IDE. And by somewhere else i mean somewhere bigger and more accessible.

What’s wrong with the button ‘Replay in same conditions’ ? :pensive:

It’s not bound to Ctrl-Enter.

It’s not bound to anything. I could definitely settle for a keyboard shortcut instead of fiddling with the manual/auto options which, as Magus pointed out, could also be misleading.