Send signal before timelimit deadline and give 1ms for returning it

How do you find idea of sending a signal to bot 1ms before turn end to allow him return some precomputed result? It would be especially useful in searches, when you want to use all given time. You have some computed response, but try further.

It could be trapped like signals - Capture SIGINT in Java - Stack Overflow
to return the best already computed response.

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I’m not sure that every of the 27 avalaible languages can do that.

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Neither am I. But this shouldn’t be an obstacle. It could be even less then 1ms difference, so if language or bot doesn’t support it, it would be handicaped only by this small additional quant of time, which is less then 1% of time. Java, c, c++ support it for sure, same do python signal — Set handlers for asynchronous events — Python 3.10.5 documentation.

The default action for SIGINFO is to do nothing