Server issues?

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but I’ve been having server issues for about a week now. I’ve tried different browsers (FF and Edge on Win10), and tested my bandwidth (over 300 Mbit/s to nearby servers), but have issues connecting to CoC games. When I do get into a game, sometimes the class will auto-start itself. I thought that this might be an impatient “driver” clicking the “Launch” button early, but I’ve seen it happen when I was in the driver’s seat and the mouse pointer was nowhere near that button.

That’s been going on for at least a week. Today, the chat servers won’t connect at all. That’s probably a different issue, but still fits the title of this post.

By the way, I wouldn’t bother posting this if I didn’t think that is a great resource for learners, and also for hobbyists such as me.


are you still experiencing the issue? I know we’ve made some changes that may affect this but since you’re the only one so far reporting these issues, I’m thinking more about a problem on your side :thinking:

It’s improved a bit, quite a bit sometimes, but it’s still an issue. If I try to join a clash, I might succeed right away, might not succeed at all, and might not know which occurred for a minute or two. I just rebooted, applied lingering Win10 updates, updated Firefox and same issue.

What’s weird is that sometimes it will join me into a clash after I’ve given up and closed the tab. When that happens (and I notice by seeing my avatar on the clash list in another tab) then I can usually join right away, either in the Lobby or in the clash in progress. If it’s too late, I just see my 0% result.

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Update: It seems I’m not the only one experiencing issues. From a CoC chat (2021-08-14, US Pacific times):

Is anyone besides me having trouble with joining clashes the last week or so?

Degla74 04:16PM


i reload page everytime

Husoski 04:35PM

Oh, that helps? Thanks! I’ll try that!

[ETA: By the way, that workaround of reloading the page doesn’t really work. Not for me, anyway.]

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