Several issues and frustration concerning AI battles

Hi there.
I have several different little things to ask about :

  1. Alice and Bob on the replay webpage ?
    Replay link

  2. Using Typescript, I have apparently random timeouts.
    Already in classic puzzles, I noticed that TS was extremely slow to run.
    Are you using recent optimization flags for the compiler ?
    Timeout is really frustrating, because my bot seems to win most battles, but sometimes…
    I reviewed my code again and again, I don’t have any risky-loop.
    I even throw an exception to manage the time limit, but the problem persists.

  3. If the bots are compiled and executed on CG servers, why is my CPU super-heating during AI battles, even when closing the visual ?
    However, it calms down as soon as I reduce the Chrome window.
    I’m running Linux, and my laptop is quite old, but anyway I can’t figure a reason to that behavior (as all the processing power is supposed to be consumed server-side)…

Not a specialist but it might have to do with hardware acceleration, especially if you use chrome.