SF2442 Physics engine


I have a few questions regarding the physics engine for the SF2442 contest. More precisely, these questions are asked on the bounce physics :

Can you elaborate on the way the speed & velocities are calculated after a bounce ? There is a lack of precision on :

  • Do you have an underlying model where you test collisions 500 times / turn (ie : same as PokerChipRace at the beginning) or do you calculate exact collision time ?
  • Can you confirm that there is absolutely no truncate() and round() before the end of the turn ? ie : bounce equations are based on floating point precision speed and positions ?
  • Can you confirm that there is no friction applied when a bounce occurs ?
  • Has the physics model been changed overnight ?

Thank you in advance for the clarifications.

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-The exact collision time is calculated
-truncate() and round() are called ONLY at the end of the turn, all calculation are done on double precision
-i can confirm
-No, why ?

You’re welcome!