Short clashes

  1. make outputs case insensitive: for example clash want output as “true/false”
    python: print(1>0) prints “true”
    C#: Console.Write( 1>0 ) prints “True” so u need code as Console.Write( 1>0 ? “true” : “false” ); // longer and no task point - solution is true/false independs from letter case.
    not fair.
    CG has tasks that needs output as case sensitive - add [X] checkbox for that but default is “case insensitive” for clash-authors.
  2. tasks that most depends from RT-libs should be rewritten for fair conditions (else u tell “use python and dont boomboom my brains” and remove lang selector). for example python(and others) has RT convert number to any base, C#(and anothers) has Convert.ToString that can convert to 2,8,10,16 base only or hasn’t at all. so C#-coder should write more code, spend more time, spend more chars. totally fail. not fair.
    in task with num-base u can change conditions with another chars as output (default is “0…9a…z…”) for example only letters “A…Za…z”. 255 in base-8 will be “CGG”. so all participants should write converting code. more fair.