Should C/C#/C++ be nerfed?

On last Spring Challenge 42 of top 50 bots where programmed on C/C++/C# despite having almost the same amount of bots using python language.

Same happens on “Coders Strike Back”. Why this?

Do C based bots have some edge over other languages? Maybe due to faster code execution? Can a C bot execute more calculations before timeout than the same algorithm programmed in python ?

Please refer to this thread where the subject has already been debated to death:


Nerf this! < / dva>


In the real world, real developers talk about how languages could be made faster.

Or maybe what you really want is Cython:

Personally, I think the idea should be everyone learn more languages to better suit the tasks they are faced with. I code almost exclusively in C# and I get destroyed in Clashes, can’t even lie. I think the hardest people to code against are those using python or javascript. The code might not be as quick, but it is much shorter and seems to have much larger libraries of things you can do.


C and C++ are definitely the fastest languages you can find on Codingame. That said if you look at the leaderboard we can find javascript in the top 20, python 3 in the top 30 while the first C user is above 30. So even without heavy simulations you can still be relevant and competitive.

42 of top 50 bots were in C/C++/C# despite having almost the same amount of bots using python language.

This is very biased as most top contenders (and likely the coders with most experience) will use/learn the best language that is available to increase their chance to win the contest while Python/Javascript/Java /C# users are often more casual (or even beginners). I am pretty sure that most top 50 members could switch from C++ to Java or even maybe Python and still be in the top 100. Above top 100, performances are usually not an issue and it all comes down to the best heuristic which is easier/faster to code in Python.

In my opinion nerfing C/C++ wouldn’t affect much the overall ranking but mainly result in less “intelligent” top bots.

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How dare you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Some users complain about having a disadvantage because of their language choice. Others decided to learn C++ to increase their chances.
On a sidenote we also see 3 Rust users in top50 which probably have a higher performance than C# and 6 times Java which is on par with C#. Add this to the 42 bots named above and we have 51 bots in top50.


Haha I was definitely thinking about you, @dbdr, @Fangel and many others when I said ppl not using C/C++ are often more casual. However my point still stands, if you were to really aim for the best ranking you could achieve, you would use C/C++. But instead you choose to use languages with which you feel more familiar/comfortable with because you know that you can still perform well enough with it and that’s enough for you, which is some kind of “casualness” (top level casualness though :p)…

Yes, please! :grinning:

Should BFS usage be forbidden ?


Maybe top50 players (on overall leaderboard) shall be allowed to type only with 2 fingers. And with one eye covered with a patch. (But the latter one might be actually an advantage at ‘Coders of the Carribean’)

But as Magnus would beat me in chess even blindfold, most likely euler and the others would beat me blindfold in a CG contest…

@darkhorse64 uses only two fingers. And his ankles too :stuck_out_tongue:

okay, then another silly nerf suggestion: anybody above global rank #100 has code size limit of 100 kB, same as now. But top players need to write more compact code: #50 has 50k, #10 only 10k.
So the top 1-5 players must really golf during the contest with 1 to 5k codesize available.

And an incentive to bring back Pascal its long-lost old glory:
For multis you get CP only for the best 3 of your multi results, for any given language. So to maximize your CP when participating in 30 multis, you need to submit in 10 languages.

After lots of training, I can use also my thumb to press the space bar while using two other fingers. My ankles are fine

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Good work. Just the one thumb or both?

Both but not simultaneously to stay within the 100 kB limit

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was it supervised or unsupervised, maybe reinforcement?

Sorry, had to fix that.