Sign in with GitHub and LinkedIn


It was already possible to sign in with Google+ or Facebook, it is now possible to join the platform with GitHub and LinkedIn!

You can thus link your CodinGame account to your GitHub or LinkedIn account (or both!) if you use the same email.

If you want to look at it, you have indeed to log out (hey this is one of the few times we’ll tell you to log out from CodinGame) from your settings panel (yes it’s kind of hidden)

We’re thinking about integrating some cool stuff with GitHub and LinkedIn, so stay tuned for updates :slight_smile:


Ça ne fonctionne pas avec un compte existant ; un nouveau compte est créé à la place. Les email sont les mêmes sur GitHub et CodinGame pourtant. À moins que ce soit normal :stuck_out_tongue:


Only the primary email is used, we don’t check for an existing account for each email address you may have on github.

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I could log in my account with LinkedIn. Is there a way to get back to my LinkedIn profile from my CiG profile? Or what is the advantage to log in via Linked-In?

I hope there will be a kind of widget on the LinkedIn profiles, with ranking and a summary of achievements unlocked :slight_smile:

Is there still the bug which would allow me to sign up a different account for each of those? Like one for Facebook, one for Github and one for LinkedIn… ontop of my Google account?

I mean… if I were to do that, it wouldn’t be for sock puppetting the forums and chat (which is why it is against the rules). So much as seeing if I can get the top four ranking spots on the leaderboard being just one person. Which is… uh… really easy to say, but actually doing it has an inverse relationship to suggesting doing it. (In that it is just as hard to actually do as the amount of ease it is to say it).

I’m uh… asking for a friend… or rather three friends… who would be signing up via different social medias… yeah… (I think they are buying my lies!)

Yes. And is there any sensible reason not to include a link or at least a hint??

For now, it’s just another one-click login. However it opens a lot of opportunities for small nice integrations. We’ll for sure build features around it.

not really, why would you like to log out though?

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On computers used by multiple persons it is very useful :). But I disagree, it is not hidden, it’s in the settings in your profile page, which is where you can usually find a log out button.

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Awesome addition! Excited to see it!

Would be cool to have the possibility to bind external accounts to CodinGame account instead of match with email during login.
Had to create another account. It’s not a problem for me as I just did clashes, but could be a problem for people who did puzzles and contests.


Yeah, it would be really helpful if there was an option in the Settings to link other Social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub etc. It would greatly increase the User Experience.

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While these features are still exciting for others and certainly helps people to give CodinGame a spin (try it on its merits instead of trying to imagine how it will be) I was wondering is a way to unlink these accounts?

My account was created with an external login and I don’t know how I can reset a password for just CodinGame when it asks me for an old password that was never set at account creation?

Sorry if I should have asked this in the feedback board but I also thought it would be bad to create another thread for a subject thats already discussed here.

You can use the “forget my password” button to generate a new password.

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