Skynet finale 1 is bugged?

After 2-3 turns it won’t even output from a line such as cerr << “bla” << endl; it just doesnt do anything and says invalid output for no reason.

It is definitely bugged, I tried only the first test case on a windows machine, then I switched to Linux completed all the test cases[they work fine together as well]. But when I submit the code, It says I fail the first case, when it works absolutely fine even after numerous attempts.

I tried to make a submission, and I got 100% as expected.
Can you send your code to coders[at]codingame[dot]com ?
Same for samkebr.

Thanks in advance.

Sent it and got a reply, turns out I was printing two endline characters in a turn which was causing output of empty string in the next turn.

Edit: Validation worked for me, without the two endline characters my cheapskate “block if he’s 1 jump away” algorithm worked instantly. Only works cause the maps don’t have a node branching to two gateways.