"skynet - the chasm" puzzle missing

the “skynet - the chasm” puzzle seems to be missing. if i remember correctly it was an easy puzzle.

it was the easy variant for “skynet - the bridge”. a hard puzzle.

here is a blog post hinting at the existence of “the chasm” and “the bridge”

here are some forum topics that prove that “skynet - the chasm” once existed:

here are forum topics suggesting that the forum topic for “the chasm” was lost in a crash

The puzzle was remove. I don’t know the main reason (maybe codingame will have an answer on that).

As far as i know, many people blocked on it. So maybe it was just considered too hard for a very easy puzzle.

Yes, it wasn’t that hard to solve once you saw you could pass the tests with just some simple ifs, but people would directly start backtracking it and trying to get the optimal solution, so it ended up as more frustrating than anything else.

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thank you for the confirmation. and for the hints with the space before the links.

i would prefer that you do not remove the puzzle. instead put a big hint in the description that it is solvable with simple ifs. or change the difficulty to medium.

I solved this one with a Fibonacci-like sequence.