"Skynet: the Virus" 3rd achivement

I solved the puzzle “Skynet: the Virus” and passed the 4th test with 51 remainging links. But the 3rd achievement of the puzzle “Skynet: the Virus” is not validated.
Is it a bug or did I miss something?

IDE tests are different from validators.
On the report screen after submitting, play the last validator and check if you have more than 50 remaining links :wink:

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I don’t indeed. Is it really possible?

There are CodinGamers with this achievement, so I’d say that yes, it is possible.

This achievement is (actually those a little special like this one or the one of Mars Lander 1 are) made so that it is harder than just having 100%.
So yeah, it is definitely possible, it’s just harder :slight_smile: