[Skynet: the Virus] Cannot reach 100%

Hi everyone,

I made 100% on this puzzle but then I saw the bonus so I tried to figure out how to close the biggest start to have more than 50 links left on the 4th test and it works very well, I have more than 50 links left and all tests are green but when I submit I reach only 75%.

I think this is caused by the fact that the nodes numbers are not the same but I didn’t do hard coding at all so I don’t know how to solve this…

If this is necessary, I can share my code

Important :
If I delete the part of code that close the" doors" of the star that I called “strokes” or “contour”, I get 100% but not the bonus obviously.

Hi @dunkdesign,

After submitting you are sent to the report page. On the left of the name of failed test case, there is a play button.
Pushing this button will display what happened in the viewer. You can then click on the gear icon and active the debug mode if it can helps you.

Also, each puzzle has a specific thread on the forum. The easiest way to get there is to push the ‘In need help’ button in the IDE.
Please, use that thread to post your questions when it is specific to a puzzle.

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Hi, thank you very much, I see what is going wrong now

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