Small CoC toolkit by lopidav

yes, by me.
Mostly for contributions platform.
I’m using tampermonkey to run them and I do not test them anywhere alse

Adds clash of code info on the card that appears when you hover over the player’s name.
Now you can immediately bail whenever a decent player joins the lobby (a joke, don’t do that).

Adds “go to Contribution” button on the clash results page.
Allows further investigation if you got all tests green yet only 75% at the validators.
Works only you’ve been solving the problem in the IDE and then moved to the results page. Doesn’t work if you go directly to the results page via a link or something.
Note: you need to be able to access accepted contributions for it to work. (have 300 played clashes)

Now when you click the CoC puzzle card on the pending Contributions page it’ll get you straight to the testing in IDE.
Try solving it before approving.
It sends POST requests for each of the CoC puzzles so be careful.

Hides statement/constraint/input/output in the IDE for pending reverse CoC puzzles.
Emulate authentic experience for a low price of 0.00$!

Adds timer and code counter to the contribution test IDE.
Click timer to stop, double click to reset.

More coming