Small CoC toolkit by lopidav

yes, by me.
Mostly for contributions platform.
I’m using tampermonkey to run them and I do not test them anywhere alse

Adds clash of code info on the card that appears when you hover over the player’s name.
Now you can immediately bail whenever a decent player joins the lobby (a joke, don’t do that).

Adds “go to Contribution” button on the clash results page.
Allows further investigation if you got all tests green yet only 75% at the validators.
Works only you’ve been solving the problem in the IDE and then moved to the results page. Doesn’t work if you go directly to the results page via a link or something.
Note: you need to be able to access accepted contributions for it to work. (have 300 played clashes)

Now when you click the CoC puzzle card on the pending Contributions page it’ll get you straight to the testing in IDE.
Try solving it before approving.
It sends POST requests for each of the CoC puzzles so be careful.

Hides statement/constraint/input/output in the IDE for pending reverse CoC puzzles.
Emulate authentic experience for a low price of 0.00$!

Adds timer and code counter to the contribution test IDE.
Click timer to stop, double click to reset.

More coming


Hey, these are great! Thanks for sharing them.

I am finding they don’t work for me on TamperMonkey on Brave browser (Chromium).
The Go To Contribution one correctly creates the button, but then nothing happens when you press it.
The Clash Info one seems to just lag and now no info box comes up when I hover on people’s names anymore (waiting up to 30 seconds while hovering).

I might test them out a bit more before giving up, but thought I’d log my experiences in case others have the same issues.

I’ve double-checked on Chrome now and it’s the same there too.
Go to Contribution button is there, but non-functional.
Clash Info cards do actually load now, but they don’t have any of the extra info about clashes - same as always.
The IDE add-ons to include code size and solution time are working nicely, though. :slight_smile:
Also I love the name for this toolkit.

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Hey, thx for the interest!
Ye, i’ve drifted away from coc and I haven’t exactly used the official api so it makes sense it doesn’t work anymore.
Somewhat around a month ago i played some rounds of coc and noticed that “go to contribution” button doesn’t work. I tried to investigate but haven’t achieved anything before lost interest again.
Feel free to fork it and fix it! I may work on it a bit this week but no promises
And if you would wanna contact me it’s better to do it through discord: Discord

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

I’ve now found a good alternative for searching CoC’s by keywords:
It’s a replacement for the old eulerscheZahl heroku site.

Had some time, fixed the go to contribution button and info cards
If you can test them that would be great

broke again somehow
idk why and i’m not in the mood to fix it, maybe later

it fixed itself, lol