Smash the Code and Google Code Jam

Hello guys,

I just noticed that the smash the code contest will start exactly at the same time as round 1B for google code jam 2016, and if it lasts 8 days, round 1C for GCJ will be on the last sunday of the contest (may 8th). I suspect a lot of CG users also participate in GCJ, and depending on how much time they have on their hand, this schedule may be inconvenient.

I’m not suggesting that StC be rescheduled StC, and actually the situation will probably have the nice side effect of lightening the server load in the first couple hours of the contest.

But still, maybe something to keep in mind for future events. :wink:
For the record, last year, the april contest was There is no spoon, which was a solo contest (4h, not 8 days) and was nicely scheduled on the week-end between rounds 1A and 1B.

… perhaps the schedule conflict might be something to take into account for possible tactical advantages?

Much like choosing to use an uncommon langauge in Codingame contests.

It’s never easy to pick a date that fits all the constraints.,. We’ve came to the conclusion that because the duration of GCJ was 2hr 30min it shouldn’t really conflict with our challenge that lasts 8 days.

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I didn’t mean to imply that anything was easy, I just wanted to be sure that you guys were aware of that conflict when scheduling the contest. :wink:

Btw, does this choice of schedule hint that shorter challenges (4h or 24h) are gone for good?