Solo Contests

Any chance we might see a solo contest any time soon?

These multiplayer and optimization games are interesting but it’s very hard for me to justify the time to jump on a contest that requires more then 2-4 hours of my time. I can’t help but wonder if others feel the same.

I know I would have loved these longer running games when I didn’t have a family and job to attend to but nowadays it’s a bit different…


I wanted to create a thread, but saw this one already brought up 5y ago, and wanted to revive it :wink:
I feel the same here about this topic, I mean Multiplayer ones are always fun :star_struck:
However, I miss those short timed contests for about 3h/4h or so, where you have to focus fully during that time on Saturdays for example :grin:
I hope if there’ll be such contests even community ones!

probably not for the the next one, but expect some changes for the one after it (finger crossed, it’s not a sure thing) . Stay tuned :wink: