Solution lost & completion status (partially) lost

Recently I attempted to help a fellow user out with their difficulties on ‘The Descent’ and I found this bug. I attempted to review my old solution and the platform is now (partially) behaving as though I’ve never completed it. My old solution is missing & I don’t have access to the community solutions for the language I completed it under ( c# ). Yet I still have the 100% completion markers & associated achievements for originally completing it.

I presume this is a bug & should not normally disappear in such a way. It’s easy enough to re-code this particular puzzle, but this behavior has me concerned for all the harder puzzles that I’ve not yet made offline backups for.

We’ve changed the puzzle ‘The Descent’ a few weeks ago. It’s the same name, the same visual, but the solution is not the same. That’s why you don’t have access to your old solution.

Thanks for the reply & explanation!

The user experience of that kind of change might need some work in my opinion. I’m sure others have or will face similar confusion.

  1. When re-visiting the changed puzzle I get no indication that it changed since I last solved it, other than it seems broken to me.

  2. On all the other puzzles my code is retained despite it not working. Even after completing at 100% if I attempt a new strategy the current code state is retained, so it might currently score 80% even though I’ve completed it before.

  3. Completion marker and Achievement retained? If it’s essentially a new enough puzzle to effectively wipe out it’s existence and replace with a nearly identical one then why keep the completion & achievements for the old version?

  • given this new information I did go find the thread talking about the change. In it you said,

This strongly implies that the old solution would either work 100% or be nearly correct, which further confuses me on the experience.

Something as simple as a warning message when entering the IDE and retaining the old code would have made the experience feel more intentional. As it is, it felt ‘buggy’ and reduced my trust in the CG Platform.