Solutions of the training puzzles

Hey, I was wondering if there are solutions of the puzzles somewhere on the website! I’m not used yet to the new design :stuck_out_tongue: . If there are not, I’d appreciate if you share with me your own solution in C, C++ and/or Java. Thanks in advance (^_^)/

There were solutions, but now with this new GUI I don’t know how to find them.

It was a bad decision the fact of not sharing the source code with the codingamers to encourage them to resolve solo games with insignificant point lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Personally, I’m interested in the online contexts, not to resolve solo games :open_mouth:
CG team should review their strategy and maybe make satisafaction questionnaires ! :innocent:

Yes, I agree 100%. For me would be good to take a look at more expert developer solution just to learn.

To CG Team :

I think the best solution would be to implement a private topic for each challenge called “talk about solutions” only accessible when you get 100% of said puzzle, so that newbies don’t get access to all solutions in 30seconds and people that could make it can discuss about other possible solutions.

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Je suis pas tout à fait d’accord avec toi “CvxFous”, des fois on obtient un score de 95%, des optimisations qui doivent etre faites. Alors selon ta logique, la consultation des solutions est hors question (T’aurais pu dire 75% :stuck_out_tongue:).
Bref, pour moi, cette solution prise par l’equipe CG concernant ce sujet est un premier acte irréfléchi qu’on peu le qualifier de null.

**Hélas, la vérité n’est pas toujours bonne à dire ** :wink:

Why are you speaking in french? The whole topic is in english, keep it that way.

95% ‘might’ be ok, but sometimes it just means that you don’t get the logic of the puzzle. but why not.

BTW, you should consider not speaking in all bold, that’s disturbing + the bold is supposed to be used on what you want to insist on.

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The essential is that the message is sent, whether in English, French or even Japanese. :wink: !
As we can’t change the font-family, I’m choosing the property bold for the font-weight :stuck_out_tongue:. If U dont like it, U can use a Css Hack :eyes:.

[quote=“BK_201, post:9, topic:318”]
As we can’t change the font-family, I’m choosing the property bold for the font-weight . If U dont like it, U can use a Css Hack .[/quote]
If you don’t like the font-family, you can use a CSS hack instead… I really feel sorry for people who have to read your work/studies reports if you have to write some.

Sorry for being rude and off-topic, but this kind of behaviour is really irritating.

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Sure, CG team doesn’t have enough work already, they should mod a forum engine for a single guy who purposely ignore writing conventions besides insulting them. And well, you’re writing on a forum, so the way you write actually concerns everyone who’ll read. But it seems you consider yourself way too much important for caring about others anyway.


Hi guys,

When you see bad behavior, don’t reply. It encourages the bad behavior by acknowledging it, consumes your energy, and wastes everyone’s time. Just flag it. If enough flags accrue, action will be taken, either automatically or by moderator intervention.



About the source code solution discussion, we know that the current approach might not be the best one and we are trying to find a way to improve it. We have several idea in mind that will come in future updates.

The feature is not lost, it is just a question of time :smile:


Hey again, I hope there’ll be a solution in the near future because I’d like to compare my code with other people, learn from them and try to optimize my solution. I don’t see why CG team adopted this approach, may be they have some good reasons but I hope they would collect the CodinGamers opinions about this issue and make a decision based on those opinions. Because I really believe that knowledge is the only thing that grows up by sharing it :smile:

I think their main concern is that solutions does not spread all around.

I understand that you want to share to learn different approach and all, but as long as they don’t find a way to contain the solutions, they’ll keep it that way.

Once this issue will be fixed, I don’t see why they wouldn’t allow to talk about it on separate topic as I mentionned earlier.

hi all,

before seeing this topic I asked the same question to an admin by mail.

the answer is: Yes, this feature will be back, and it should be only for people who get 100% at the challenge (maybe less, but the main idea is the same)

the reason why the code review is’nt possible anymore is to avoid “copy/paste” coding from guys who just want achievements…


that’s exactly what i’ve been saying all along this topic :smiley:

Yep :slight_smile:

I just confirmed: the staff is likely going to implement this feature that way :wink:

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Well it’s better if the option will be activated only for people who reaches 100% of the puzzle.