[Solved] Matches, upper or lower case

Hello everybody,
A RegEx has an IgnoreCase option, does a match have one ?
To find the number of letters in a characters string, I did it this way :

        Regex rgx = new Regex("[a-z]");
	Regex Rgx = new Regex("[A-Z]");
	Console.WriteLine(rgx.Matches(message).Count + Rgx.Matches(message).Count);

I wonder whether there is better.
(and I wonder why the beginning of my question is written in bold.)

This question is common to most languages dealing with regex, not limited to C#

You can write regex like this:

Or: Regex rgx = new Regex ("[a-z]", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);

Oh, two good answers for the price of one :slight_smile:
Thank you.
A question of thinking correctly indeed …

(I presume nobody has any tip about why my first sentence was in bold until I got answers.)

I fixed the format of your post :wink:

Ah, OK, some bugs being fixed ?
I wondered whether I had to do a manipulation …

it was just an additional blank like to add before the code section.

Yes, I did it …