[Solved] Order of the properties settings

Hello everybody,
I write a program to treat pictures that can be stored in a variable number of folders.
The paths to the folders are stored in the properties settings, in user scope.
So, when loading the form I launch this :

		List<string> LFldrs = new List<string>();
		SettingsPropertyCollection collection = Properties.Settings.Default.Properties;
		foreach(SettingsProperty sp in collection)

Well, OK I have my folders in a List, but they are ordered Path2, Path1, Path4, Path3 (and the order of creation is Path1, Path2, Path3, Path4).
OK I could put sp.Name in an OrderedList, and then access the settings by name, but I feel I missed something, no ?

Typically properties are stored in a Map. Why using a List?

better ask usual questions at stackoverflow.com
there are thousands people who knows C#.
CG is not for files, windows forms, properties map

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var result = Properties.Settings.Default
.Properties.OfType<SettingsProperty>().OrderBy(s => s.Name);