Sorting the pending contributions

It would be handy if one (two or three would be better) button allows to sort the contributions by:

  • CoC or puzzle
  • Score
  • Views
  • Comments (why not)
  • CGamer
  • Date of contribution
  • Date of last edit
  • Name (ie lexicographic)
    For moderators:
  • Number of moderators that accepted it
  • Same for refused
    If fewer ways to sort are to be coded, I use a + instead of a * for the important ones.

Here is how it works today (for both codingamer and moderator views):

  • Top upvoted contributions appear at the top (6 tiles)

  • Below, the ordering is by most recently updates (other than votes) ie comments, accept/refuse

We have planned to add a visual info for moderators on how many actions have been taken: something like “1/3 accept, 2/3 refuse”.

I’d second just about all of that. With emphasis on distinguishing (read: filtering away) clash stuff: I might want to read about it when notified, but, really, dragging me into it wastes my time first, but then yours too if I get to the point of interacting.

By that you mean total score? (upvotes minus downvotes)

I see no reason why this should be restricted to moderators. I mean, you didn’t intend on something massive space-wise, did you? Moreover, I’d appreciate it if you could keep the information of who already approved or refused a contribution available somewhere.

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You’re right the info could be seen by any CodinGamer