Speed of AI Bot according to language used?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if the language used in this battles have an influence.

As an example, I usually code in Java (beginner level) and wanted to try Python 3 (beginner) for Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe and since Python is usually slower for brute force, will my Java bot be faster then my python bot using the same algorithm in the codingame IDE ?

Thanks in advance!

For solo puzzle, some languages have a longer available time.

For multiplayer puzzles, all languages have the same time:

  • 1 second for the first turns
  • 50ms for other turns (note that for old puzzles, you can have 100ms or 75ms, check the statement)
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Can you give a source or a code snippet on that? I always thought it’s the same time for all languages. Clojure has extra time for compilation I think.

I remember someone of CG telling it on the chat. Because some languages are very slow just at reading inputs. But i never tested myself.

Maybe i’m wrong :smiley:

Ok, so if I want to simplify, a C program will be much faster than a Python program since they have the same available time.

Thank you!