Spring Challenge 2020 - Bugs & Questions

Please use this topic to report bugs or ask questions about the Spring Challenge 2020


The referee code is publicly available on Github:


Unsafe code support is broken!
CS0227: Unsafe code may only appear if compiling with /unsafe

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default C code does not work!


Visible pellets does not update in the game loop. Is that normal?


The next line does not indicate the type of variable:
Dim mine as ’ true if this pac is yours
Suppose Boolean …??

It also leads to many other problems (e.g. network error, only one instance…)

When reading the map, in the line char row[width + 1];, change the 1 with a 2, you need to make room for the \n AND the \0. Change it also in the call to fgets.

thanks :slight_smile: it works now!

I get “Oups - An error occurred (#73): Only 1 executor running at the same time for a test session.” way too often. The issue takes minutes to resolve itself and allow me to play my code again.


Thanks for this challenge :slight_smile:
I’m always getting score= 0/0 from the inputs. Is that a feature or a bug?


myScore and opponentScore always return 0.
From what I checked on github the value from getScore() is only updated onEnd() function.




only pellets is updated, setScore() is never used.

I think it can be fixed with this change
int playerScore = player.pellets;
int opponentScore = gameManager.getActivePlayers().get((player.getIndex() + 1) % 2).pellets;


I have the same issue havent been able to test my code at all basically, have run 2 semi-succesful tests. Moves back and forth between a error #73 and #504.


It appears that the limit of 200 turns if not really 200 turns but 200 frames. Because of that, if someone use SPEED, 2 turns are played and the end of the game is reached faster.

The biggest issue is that if you can’t see your opponent and your opponent is using speed, you can’t know that. And you can’t know what turn is it. So you just can’t predict the 200th turn.


Just got my first 504s now. Still not able to test my code. I am using C++. Mentioning this because it might be an issue with the language we are using.

I think many of us can’t even get to these issues. Are you using a language other than C++?

This is not language dependent. Just use the SPEED command and look at the viewer :smiley:

Which pellets can your pacmen see?

In Wood League: Every pellet.
In Bronze League:

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Sorry I didn’t see your message earlier. This has been fixed.

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Okay thanks! It’s annoying how they don’t tell you this in the Wood League - I try to make my bot good from the beginning, and I don’t like to have to change my strategy and code to compensate for changing game inputs.