Spring Challenge 2023 - ant allocation proposal


The rules states: “The n ants will move to the m beacons, keeping the same proportions as the beacon strengths”. This implies that the ant alocator solve the optimal transport problem, but it does not: it simply consider every ant cell -> beacon cell pair in ascending distance order SpringChallenge2023/AntAllocater.java at main · CodinGame/SpringChallenge2023 · GitHub

This is very anoying even for simple cases : for a simple 3-cell 1D terrain, [ant, ant+becon, becon] should yield [void, ant+becon, ant+becon] at the following turn, but it yields [void, 2ant+becon, becon] instead.

This proposal is to either use a proper Optimal Transport solver instead, or grant us direct access to the ant allocations so that we can do it ourselves.