Spring Challenge 2023 (Ants) - Puzzle Discussion

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Game link: Spring Challenge 2023 - Ants

Don’t hesitate to check out the topic for the contest of the same name: https://www.codingame.com/forum/t/spring-challenge-2023-feedbacks-strategies/200927

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I don’t know if you can do something about it but my code was not migrated from the challenge to the new puzzle. Is there a way to recover the code i published in the challenge ?


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Try here and click on View report
Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 12.58.07


Thanks, it worked :slight_smile:

This bot-puzzle seems to be broken as a league puzzle.
All cells are showing 0 resources at all times.
Also, with the “neigh” properties being unavailable, it is impossible to map.
This leaves no information to choose where to send ants.

What do you mean, 0 resources? I just checked a latest replay (see this one for example), and everything seems fine :thinking:. Also, input neigh just gives 6 integers in my case.

It’s usually helpful to include a link to your replay (you’ll find it by clicking the REPLAY AND SHARE button at the bottom right of the viewer) when you want to ask about an issue about a bot game on the forum. That’ll provide more info to us which will aid in answering your questions.

I must have hit a temporary glitch or did something weird with my code on accident. It is all there now. Thanks.

I will in the future. The problem seems to be gone now…