Spring Challenge 2023 - Pathfinding bug?

In this replay, if we take for example the transition between turn 5 and 6 : eggs from cell index 4 (in the center) should be optimally harvested by the bottom right red base. But it is not the case, it is harvested by the top right base. So it harvests 3 eggs instead of 5, which is not what the rules are saying.

Can someone can explain to me why is this happening ? (or if this is a bug, fix it before the contest really start ?)

Thanks in advance !

For people reading this : this is not a bug. All the ants of the bottom right base move out of it just before egg harvesting, and the base is repopulated right after that (that’s what tricked me, I did not see this ant flow).

One path finding bug I am experiencing,
if I do multiple lines from my base to the resources with different strengths,
the beacon value appears to change to the last LINE value for the cells it crosses,
so if the last path going to the base is 1, the base will have 1, even if previously I made a path to the base with a value of 10. This makes the “LINE” command essentially useless… perhaps it should default to the max value rather than last?

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Pleas look at this game :

From frame 13 to frame 20, approx. 15 ants are stuck just in front of an egg cell on wich i put a beacon (all beacons are with strength 1) and they would not go on it !

Seem total bug to me.
Or maybe there is something i didn’t get from the rules.

If someone can explain this … Thanks !


You’ve got a total of 124 ants and you put 7 flags.
So you say put 124 / 7 = 17 ants on each flagged cell.
So the 15 ants, on the flagged cell next to the egg, stay put.
And the ants must come from the unflagged cells or the cells that have more than 17 ants.
See moves sorting


Thank you wala for your reply. It makes more sense now, even if ants movement is very counter intuitive.

As r0levrai mentioned on another post, optimal transport problem algorithm would be the solution, if it were available via direct access to the ants movement.

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