Is there a way to get rid of this infamous STDOUT.sync=1 (or its shorter $<.flush ) ?
Code golfing challenges and clashes would be easier.

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Yes. There is.

Reviving this topic from the dead, can @magorto2 or someone help and be more specific? For thor I could remove it but not for paranoid android.

For Paranoid Android, there’s no need to sync inputs and outputs if the solution is hardcoded. Just read the initial input needed to decide which test is going on, and write the right sequence of BLOCK/WAIT.
It may also work with a general solution if you don’t bother to read the inputs at each turn (untested).

For clashes, I don’t remember any problem where the sync is mandatory.


@Plopx thanks, I forgot somehow about hardcode, silly me :grinning: