Submission limitation rules

Tl;DR: How long must I wait between submissions

Sometimes I get all tests right and some validators wrong. It happens :confused:
But then I try to fix some stuff by adjusting the thing, and then the only way to test is to submit again. (Which is fine, the point is not here. I know. I’m coming to it).
Sometimes I test a lot of different settings because I often have a set of magical numbers on top of my script, that rule everything, and frequent testing gets me messages like “No can do, you have to wait between submissions”.
What is the rule for submitting ? How long do I have to wait ?

Now I can understand this might be a confidential topic, as we could more easily set up scripts to automatically push solutions (and I would definitely do that, for instance to test various settings in a minimax approach), but since we can do that with an estimated timeout already, maybe it’s not that big of a deal.


If you wait 2 minutes between the submissions it should be fine. The exact formula may change in the future if needed.


All right, two minutes it is then.
Thanks for your answer :slightly_smiling: