Suggestion: Cooperative programming


I was thinking about the friend system on this site and I feel like I don’t have really a good use for it.
I thought it would be kind of fun to introduce some kind of “cooperative programming” - where you could invite a friend to:

a) work together on single unit - could be great for the bot programming competition - every member would code a part (module) of a bot - for example member 1 is driver and member 2 is shooter - totally independent. This would be for limited amount of people.

b) work together on distributed units - every member codes own unit - let’s say a hero and in testing phase everyone joins together to:
b.1) Compete against another team of same size - PvP - Limited amount of people
b.2) Work together to reach an objective - PvE - Limited amount of people OR if scaling difficulty is possibule unlimited amount of people - I was imagining some RPG-styled challenges

Feedback appreciated!

Hey @DarkyParky,

As of now, there are no rules against working as a group on your bots on this site, but you are not eligible for prizes in contests if you do so.

As for the PvP competition, there may be some group sizes which are less competitive than others. For example, 1v1 is very competitive but 4v4 is weak. So battling against them leads to unfair leaderboards.

And splitting the leaderboard takes the fun out of it if you only compete against people in 1 group.

Keep coding!!