Suggestion: Stop Hypersonic games on last broken crate

Hypersonic games are very long and this makes submits unbearable. Even IDE games are very slow. I personally feel like not much interesting happens after the last crate is broken and I therefore suggest the game stops then. This could easily speed up games by a factor of 4. Personally the game times on this Multiplayer really put me off from working on it. Since the Gold/Legend leagues aren’t out yet, you could add it for those.


I think that’s a very good point. But not all of us think so. As such it’s still “in debate”.

I have seen a bomberman-like game where after some time passed, new walls were appearing with each move from the perimeter (in a spiral-like fashion). It could be a nice addition for upper leagues.

Here it is:

It seldom happen that one player dies but it’s often the less performing one anyway and when it’s not I doubt it makes for a real change in overall statistics anyway, hence I support this idea.

Agreed, something to make the end game shorter or more interesting would be welcome.

RIP my killing bot…

The 10 turn is pretty extreme, with 8 turn for a bomb to explode it pretty much mean there just no fights anymore. A lot of games I’m behind and end up winning because my bot is good at killing people, no I just dont have any time to do it.

Can’t we have a middle ground like 100 or 50 ?

That’s 20 ! Not 10. :slight_smile:

I agree with RockyMullet…

I understand that the game is pretty boring after the last crate is destroyed, but that is because most of the people go for destroying as many boxes as possible. However it shouldn’t be the point of the game. Boxes should serve the purpose of providing bonuses, which will give you better chances in having the opponents killed.

The goal of the game is - I quote - “Outlive your opponents”, and not “Blow up the most boxes”. Therefore I would welcome such modifications in the higher leagues, which encourage the folks to fight. This new change does the opposite, which - in my opinion - is against the spirituality of the game.

The problem is that once the boxes are out, on a 2v2 it’s almost impossible to kill a well programmed bot. I didn’t do all the maths, but it’s very unlikely.
On 3v3 or 4v4 could be more chances if all of them tries to kill each other.
What I don’t understand it’s why the losing players don’t try to kill the first player once it’s mathematically impossible to win by boxes (boxes left + my points < enemy points). Why are they trying to destroy boxes? Try to trap and kill the enemy!

There is simply not enough room in the game mechanics for the aggressive gamble to ever pay off, making it most often the inferior option as opposed to just go for score.

The only way to kill someone in the end game is either exploiting a bugged AI or if a group of bots is ‘somehow’ able to coordinate to take out the winner. Try it on paper, if a bot sticks to the middle you cannot by yourself force anything to happen.

As a direct result of that, there is simply no point to keep the game going when the boxes are gone. It is causing much unnecessary strain on the servers, delays for getting submission results, and to my understanding was one of the major reasons the contest was simply unplayable on its last day or two.

I fully agree with the decision to make the change.

I know that there’s no plan to add new features in Legend, but I’m going to suggest one last time that we please add just one easy feature that would make the endgame so much more interesting:

Ability to place bombs without a fuse

Such bombs would subtract from the player’s count of available bombs, and would sit where placed until hit by the explosion of another bomb. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement this in the game engine, and it would make the strategy significantly deeper. It would also have the added advantage of making extra bomb powerups much more valuable.

My 2 cents…

  • danBhentschel