Suggestion: xp based on difficulty of puzzles


I don’t get it : if i open the very hard puzzles, there are puzzles worth only 50 points which is the points you get with eazy puzzles. It doesn’t make any sense.
There should be a be a better point management per level, for instance :
_ easy puzzles : 50 points,
_ medium : 100 points,
_ hard : 150
_ very hard : 250

My 2 cents.

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The community puzzles’ rewards are always 50 XP.

Other factors that may have to be taken into consideration:

  • Puzzles are in 2 categories: CG-created “classic” puzzles and community-made puzzles. There are achievements associated with the classic puzzles and more XPs are given for harder puzzles.
  • During the evolution of the CG platform, the puzzles in existence were assigned difficulty rankings where no rankings existed before. A few weird ranking decisions were made during that assignment process.
  • The difficulty ranking of a community-made puzzle is decided by the puzzle’s author and the moderators. The ranking can also be subsequently changed (somewhat) freely. Whether the ranking is an accurate or reasonable reflection of the actual difficulty is debatable.
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Thank you for your answers.