Suggestions about an agorithmn

Hi, i saw an exercise and i made a solution. I’d like your opinion about this :

We have a list of prices of products bought by a customer. We want to make a discount on the highest price. Code a function returning an int, taking as parameters the discount applied to the most expensive article and an array of int representing the prices of the articles.
The account applied to the most expensive article is an int (0<=accountHighestPrice<=100)
This function must return the total price sold to the customer.

Here’s my solution :
Do you have any critics ?

import java.util.*;

public class Exercise {
public static int calculPrice(int[] prices,int discount){

    //Determine the highest price
    int priceMax = prices[0];

    for(int k=1;k<prices.length;k++)
        if(priceMax < prices[k])
            priceMax = prices[k];

    //Determine the price sold to the client  
    int cumul = 0
    for(int i = 0;i<prices.length;i++)
        if(prices[i] == priceMax)
            prices[i] *=  (discount/100);

    // Return the price 
    return cumul; 

public void main() {
    String  line;
    Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
    while(sc.hasNextLine()) {
        line = sc.nextLine();
        /* Lisez les données et effectuez votre traitement */
/* Vous pouvez aussi effectuer votre traitement une fois que vous avez lu toutes les données.*/