Summer Cchallenge 2023 - Java GSON problem

In Question 3 I can’t provide success results, because Gson is escaping equals signs.

Related issue: toJson escapes "=" unnecessarily in raw strings · Issue #203 · google/gson · GitHub

A workaround is to change gson initialization in the generated code to Gson gson = new GsonBuilder().disableHtmlEscaping().create();.

Please, fix this.



This bug wasted me so much time.

In CG’s own surveys, java is one of the most wanted skills not met by the labor market. How could CG ignoring the needs to assure their platform is java-compatible?


UP! +1
Please fix this @CoderPad CodinGame

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Perhaps CG/CoderPad do not have (enough) java programmers to write a java solution to cross-check their own problem sets…
Perhaps it is because the pool of available java developers in the market is too small to satisfy corporations’ demands and their prices are too high for CG/CoderPad, showing CG’s survays are indeed correct.