Support of Parallel Computing

Hello Guys,

I’m wondering if codes can be executed in parallel in codingame’s platform.

I code a lot in scala which allows me to have fun with immutable objects. However, it costs more CPU than a mutable solution. Like in the poker chip game, the time constraint is very important. I tried to run the my program in parallel mode (with scala’s parallel collection) but it seems that there is not much observed effects.

Can someone please confirm this ?


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Allowing more threads merely increases the CPU resources you can use within the fixed time frame. They should only ever allow one thread.

I disagree - I think parallelism should be supported, though last time I tried it was not. The game limitations reference a maximum time between responses.

From the FAQ:

Your program is compiled and run in a Linux environment on a 64bit multi-core architecture. Time limit per turn is specified on the game’s statement.

I don’t see any mention of compute cycles or processor time limitations.

Actually, I think that they mentioned somewhere that the time constraints are processor times, so multithreaded versions of solutions would use the same cpu time (or more) as a single threaded one, they would just use it up quicker.

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Hello is there any guy from Codingame who can clarify this point ?