Swift 3.0 is out, do you have plans to update anytime soon?

I give you some points why now is the best time to do the upgrade.
Swift 3.0 is an official major release that brings a significant changes in syntax so most code written in Swift 2.x could not compile in swift 3.0.
In Apple community it is a main language now, swift 2.x projects are not guaranteed to be compatible with next iOS/macOS/whateverOS versions, but 3.0 have to be more long-term.
For people who want to learn Swift with CodinGame (like myself when it was Swift 2) there is no advantage to learn old version of swift.


It’s also not really convenient to check old the documentation. Since this is suppose to be fun, why make it less fun? :slight_smile:
I’ll continue again later when I can use Swift 3.

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Even Swift 2.3 is being dropped by Apple. I’d really appreciated an update to Swift 3.0 on CodinGame :slight_smile:

Xcode 8.2 is the last release that will support Swift 2.3. Please migrate your projects to Swift 2.3 code to Swift 3 syntax by opening the project and choosing Edit > Convert > To Current Swift Syntax.

From - https://developer.apple.com/library/prerelease/content/releasenotes/DeveloperTools/RN-Xcode/Introduction.html

Yeah, I just tried a puzzle, and half the library methods I tried to call don’t exist. It’s unusable until it gets updated to Swift 3.

Swift 3 would be really nice here. All previous versions where kinda incomplete until 3.0. It will make it much more fun to have this major version. I got stumbled when a standard swift function didnt exist that I use alot in Swift 3 and alot of others.

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Ping? It’s been three months since the first post and Swift 2 is all but dead; next version of Xcode won’t support it any more. Without Swift 3, you might as well not support it all…

Any news on an update for Swift 3 ?

It’s disturbing to try to remember the old syntax, which will soon be fully deprecated.

Thanks you :slight_smile:

good news, I hear from the team that it should be released next week :wink:

Hey there – I gather something was just updated for Swift. The Foundation module is suddenly no longer available causing some (minor) grief while I sort out a new timing function (Date() was just so convenient). Is this the first step of a swift 3 migration?


Yep, you can now select “Swift3” in the menu :wink:

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Amazing, I will finally be able to code in Swift 3!

pinging everyone


Excellent! Thanks for all the hard work.

Great news, thanks for the update.

Oh, that’s a marvelous news :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update (and thanks for the ping to discover it :stuck_out_tongue: )

We have Foundation module in swift3. I even envy because I can use Foundation.Measurement in CodinGame, but I cannot use it on my OSX 10.11 machine ;p

I want to start learn iOS programming and I don’t know from what should I start. I read this https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/swift-vs-objective-c--what-is-the-best-language-for-ios-development- and I want to know, is it true or not? Should I learn Objective C before Swift?

I know a lot of iOS Developers who doesn’t know Objective-C at all.
In my opinion, Swift is a right choice to start with; Objective-C knowledge may not even ever be useful nowadays.
If you need to understand Objective-C code you can use online Objective-C -> Swift translator.