Switch for enabling compiler warnings


Can a switch that enables compiler warnings be added?

I'm mainly talking about C and C++. The -Wall compiler flag must be added to the command line when the switch is on. Other flags such as -Wextra can be added as well.

This would be extremely useful for users who code using C ( like me ) and/or C++.


Or you can force people to correct their warnings (which is a good thing) with -Wall -Wextra -Werror smile


I've read that a new version of the IDE is comming soon, maybe it'll be added then? (I'm not a well informed admin), but until then, you can use an external IDE with codingame Sync to add whatever flags you want smiley


I concur. Having the warning about the missing return of a method would be very useful. Currently, it is possible to write methods without returns and this is extermely error-prone.


@Admins Any updates on this?