Switch to the Dark Side and Discover the Black version of the IDE

Hello Folks!

Since we launched the first version of the new IDE, some of you let us know that the white version was kind of aggressive, especially for late night coding sessions, so we decided to release a Black version :slightly_smiling:

Hope you like it!


Really better :slight_smile:

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yes. so much better for the eyes.
thanks !

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It was a dream. It’s now a reality. :heart_eyes:

thanks a lot!!!

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Maybe you could do the same for all the website. It would be great! :grin:

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Great job!!!

I like to have a choice, so that’s a great idea, I see many (majority?) of the developers prefer dark themes in their IDEs.
That being said I prefer light background and it would be nice if I would be able to just change a background to some light colour, light blue for instance.
Coming for a quick clash I was kinda surprised not only to see the theme changed, but also other settings reset (language to C++ and also short cuts to classic). But don’t worry, it didn’t take me too much time to get back to what I’m used to.

But anyway, nice feature, good job (people remember only last sentence, they say).

We’ve changed the mechanism used to store the theme and the language, that’s why you had to reselect it.

Nice! My eyes thank you.

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That’s great! Thank for that.

Really nice :slightly_smiling:

Thanks, that’s really convenient. Much better than VisualStudio default dark theme.