System calls are allowed in Code Golf?

I’ve recently started Golfing (primarily in C) and it’s been a lot of fun! It’s a different kind of optimisation, and I love optimising.

That said, there’s one issue: the leaderboards are completely unrepresentative for many languages because system calls are allowed. This means that someone could submit a nominally C solution which actually runs bash code (for example) via the system function.

I’ve done a bit of searching and know this has come up before, though not very recently AFAICT. Is this something that there’s interest in addressing/any kind of roadmap for a fix?

It’s not enough to stop my enjoyment, but it would be nice to compare myself against the best solutions in my chosen language.

Try searching system in this post and you’ll find some relevant discussion:

Thanks for this: I’d come across this thread but hadn’t seen all of the relevant comments.

I can’t see anything indicating whether there’s a fix planned in general, but some of the comments indicate system calls are disabled for Javascript :thinking:

I guess I just need to hope that something similar gets rolled out across the board.