Tags on community puzzles

I wondered if tags would be a good ideas on community puzzles.
I thought about two kinds of tags:
The first kind is given by moderators and the creator only, it’s about the kind of maths and algo involved in the puzzle (just like the official puzzles) but without spoiling them too much.
The second kind of tags if the difficulty of the puzzle. This one is opened to each CGer who solved the puzzle and has the same ranks than the official puzzles (ie Easy, Medium, Difficult and Very Difficult). The stats are visible for everybody. When you’ve solved a puzzle, you’re asked about the difficulty but you can change it (or vote) later or even ignore it.


We definitely need some way to order the community puzzles as there are many of them. Assessing the difficulty of it via players’ votes is an option we’re considering.
Then about the maths and algo involved, yeah why not, I guess we have some work to do about it already for the solo puzzles: better describe the concepts that we’re learning…