Teacher Config

I am teacher and just heard about this site.

I like what I see and the problems are presented in a “cool” way.

What I am wondering is: Is there a way to set up a course with an activity sequence of my choosing? I would love to see all activities in one place and categorized, then have the ability to sequence these activities into a course structure of my choosing. Any thoughts?

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First of all, I think that tying an educational course to third-party resources is not a good idea (imagine CG going offline). I also suspect that CG developers simply don’t have the extra resources to implement such niche functionality.

I think this site is fun (and fund) oriented rather than doing anything educational or training in purpose. Do not expect the site owner would adjust anything in your favour.

However, you can create your own web page, hosted in your own server, with whatever catagorization you wish. Just link puzzles you selected into your own page.

For example, tell your students to finish any 10 out of 20 your-selected puzzles as an assignment. You may not be able to see your students’ source codes in the site but you can “follow” your students to know how far they have finished any problem. Just good enough for grading with eyes closed.

Good points. I would also add that it makes no commercial sense to provide a free substitute for a paid core service.