Tentative stream: let's write a community puzzle!


I’m bored.

I’m very bored.

I’m so bored I might actually lure myself into streaming something again. If my ISP permits, lalala. And if there’s any actual interest, naturally.

I was thinking about building a(n easy) community puzzle from the ground up, would there be any interest in that? My reasonable timeslot would be Saturday at 2100 CEST (that’s GMT+2) (until the 28th), but a more reCursive time of 1400 or so could be tolerable.

I’ve got a few topic ideas hanging in my queue, but I’d rather use one of yours here. Like, put the community back in community puzzle :smiley:

Any puzzle ideas? Other thoughts? Trolls and memes? Unix username I ought to use this time?


Sure, let me discover that weird part of CG that I don’t know :smiley:


I’ve been through my draft queue, and… nothing’s really an easy problem in there.

So an easy idea would be urgently needed. Or else we’ll just postpone, no biggie.


Write the UI to an existing one like Breakout or CodinDice.


Thanks for the suggestions!

I already got one for Breakout (it’s been needed at some time for puzzle moderation purposes)

But I can’t think of a proper way to shoehorn it in the I/O puzzle interface.