Thales contest during Code of Kutulu

That’s including a critical week-end and excluding fatigue of back-to-back contests.


Maybe the hidden challenge this time is :
who’s the fittest marathon runner?

So run Forrest, run!

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There are more than 2500 people registered to Code of Kutulu (300 for Code The Future). Postponing such an event by a week 10 days before the start isn’t without consequences.

Il will only benefit a very small part of the community and potentially annoy a larger part.

Code The Future won’t be released on the platform after the competition.


I’m not arguing, though I just want to point out from memory this has been done before in a contest (maybe CotC?), where it was delayed by one week and not much seemed to happen. Thanks for the update.


Is there a reason why the Thales contest and associated timer don’t show up? We’re seeing the timer to the community contest instead

you mean here?

It shows the proper timer to me.

I meant on the homepage or the compete page.

Thales is a semi-private contest and is not organized for the CodinGame community, hence it’s not showned on the platform.

Will the Thales contest count towards CodinPoints?

No :slight_smile:

Is this Hack-a-thon related to this one (alternatively, nice UI by the way) or is it something else?


So it is similar to the Accountant one, but I recall that that one was public.

Anyway, I guess I wanted to know how can we find out about these contests? If it weren’t for this forum thread I wouldn’t know that it started today.

Is the “semi-private” thing is the reason the replays are disabled ? I like to share close ones :’(