Thales contest during Code of Kutulu

For those who don’t know :

Well, i’m pretty sure that codingame is not responsible for that messed up calendar. I suppose that Thales just chose the dates and that’s it.

But i can’t stop being sorry for @JohnnyYuge and @nmahoude_of_Kutulu. Creating a community contest is hard work and at the time that the contest will begin, Thales hackathon will still be ongoing. We can’t do 2 contests at the same time so i believe many people will just focus on Thales contest before starting Code of Kutulu (and you already know my feeling about the top 3 prizes. Since Thales hackathon is not a community contest it has prizes for the top 3 and Code of Kutulu has not).

I don’t know it is possible since we are 10 days before Code of Kutulu. But maybe codingame can think about delaying Code of Kutulu for 1 week ?


Are we eligible for prizes although we aren’t the primary target audience in the first place (or are we)?

“Win a CodinGame T-shirt
The 3 winners will receive a special CodinGame package!
Also 20 T-shirts will be awarded to the 20 top players in the Leaderboard!”

check the contest page again, seems like there will be prizes this time

So i guess you could still participate in the kutulu one from the 17th until the 25th ? You miss 2 days at the start of the kutulu contest, which is ok.

Thanks for sharing btw

Looks like a CSB game, i bet a certain someone is dribbling all over it.

Looks more like SF2442 to me.
But might be a stock image, as it has Tonton Revolver as the blue player, who doesn’t work for CG anymore afaik.

Edit: a contest with just 4 players
And I guessed last year’s contest URL.

Isn’t some kind of private contest? In fact, without your post, I wouldn’t have known it exists at all. Beside, Cthulhu offers way better job opportunities for its cultists than Thales.

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This is like the Decathlon contest. CodinGame host it, but it is Thales job to do the communication. And … the communication is pretty bad because the codingame community is always the last to heard of it :smiley:

But yes we can win the prizes of the Thales contest.



sorry for my bad english, I’ll try to make a clear answer to this thread.

@Magus yes, we (Thales) had some intern schedule constraints and sadly we weren’t aware of Code of kutulu contest when we chose the dates :sweat:

This contest was created for the french market, that’s why we made the announcement on our networks/social medias. I’ll try to make a post on the forum today to announce the contest for the players who wants to join.

@JohnnyYuge we are truly sorry about this issue…


This contest was created for the french market

Does this include French speaking people from other countries than France?
And are people outside of France eligible to win prizes even if they don’t speak French?

The CodinGame community is a world wide community and since Thales has offices all over the world,
I’m sure there is benefit to opening up the contest to everyone who wishes to participate.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for the contest!

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@nazgath initially was created from France for France but ofc,anyone can join the contest :grinning:

Yes, everyone (including outside of France) is eligible to win prizes even if they don’t speak french :gift:

Edit : see

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Thank you @l33t_geek for the clarifications.

As part of our activity, we organize contests for companies (Decathlon, Thales…) which target specific audiences. Anyone is still free to join and participate.
Community contests, on the other hand, are contests created by the community for the community.

We’re not planning on postponing Code of Kutulu.

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Will there be a multiplayer for thales-2018? (Will you allow us to play your game after the contest is over?)

hi @Cyberpunk, FYI I created a dedicated post here :

Yes, you can contest as a team if I correctly understood your question.
No, after the deadline, contest will be closed.

Really ? That used to be forbidden by CG in the past contests. Good news.

To translate what Cyberpunk was asking:
When CodinGame hosts a contest, submission is closed when the timer reaches 0, but the game will return in the multiplayer section.
But some contests (like The Accountant) never returned. So he asks if the game will be open again as a multiplayer (without prizes).


For “private” contests (The Accountant, Decatlhon and i suppose Thales), there’s no multiplayer puzzle after the contest. Most of the time this is because the game is not so different from an already existing multiplayer puzzle (Decathlon contest was a re-use of the Coder Strike Back engine. The Accountant was a re-use of the Code VS Zombies engine).

How much is the fee to put the contest ad on CG or make a forum post? What does it really cost these companies to advertise or why would they not advertise it a bit better?

Why aren’t these secret yet all inclusive contests still so “secret”?

I need to clarify my answer :slight_smile:

In fact, I think it’s impossible to know if a solution was provided by only one coder or by a team using a single account.

Of course, we want that each coder develop the solution by himself but we can’t prohibit teams’ work…

I pretty much ignored The Accountant because it was overlapping with HS. I like to get all-in in contests and after that I’m just mentally exausted and lack the motivation for a second one. So I’ll probably have to choose one, it will probably be Kutulu, unless this one looks REALLY REALLY fun at first sigh.

Too bad.

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Is there any reason not to? It seems like the CC does not have the time imperatives of a sponsored contest, so the community would definitely benefit from it. Unless you have resource constraints that is.


The two contests will only overlap for 3 days, when only the lower leagues of Code of Kutulu(wood & bronze) will be opened, so I think it’s possible to do both.