The escape, leaderboard per language

Hello, i’m looking around for the leaderboard sorted by language, for The Escape challenge (that is, which is the best bot written in C++, in Python, or whatever). I can’t find it anywhere. There was a prize promise for each winner of such contest (or did i understand wrong ?) I badly want a t-shirt !

You can use filter on leaderboard with your language name as a search string

Aaaah, thought i could only search by user name, didn’t think about searching a language name. And boo, i didn’t earn that t-shirt :confused:
Thanks !

What was your language?

perl, not many submissions, i did hope i’d endup first in this category (but no joy…)

There was a pretty good submission in Perl (top 200). It seems for this contest the two “easiest” languages were bash and perl. I will get a t-shirt for my bash submission :smile:

GG pedrosorio for what you managed to do :slight_smile:
Can you pastebin your bash code ? I really wonder how you did that !

Ok, so, I know that as usual, CodinGame will provide us a wonderful blog article full of figures and debriefs, but in the meantime, I just made this if ever you are interested:

Heavy stuff, so be carefull. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice ! Thank you !

Normally, I would be ashamed of sharing this code, but it was done in a couple of evenings with the only purpose of getting a t-shirt, so I don’t care:

Bash bot pastebin link

By the way, I am not a “bash developer” (whatever that means), so don’t expect to find any coding style consistency or best practices (lol) in there.

The only thing this bot does is compute the shortest path to its preferred wall and follow it unless some other player is one move from winning. In that case I just put a wall in front of him if it’s not occupied to maximize his moves assuming that no other walls exist elsewhere in the board (i.e. I don’t compute the shortest path for the enemies).

Hi Delgan,

Wow, I’m impressed! Thank you so much for sharing :slight_smile:
I thought I could share your work on the final report for TGE alongside what I will do on my side, as it is so nicely done, and all the more in the same type of design.
Would you be ok?

Of course, there is no problem, thank you! :slight_smile: