The Fall - Episode 1 - Puzzle discussion

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For the Type 6, can Indy enters from UP and go to either LEFT or RIGHT? I think it makes sense though the arrows are not marked in the graph for these 2 possible paths.

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No. It is not possible because of the speed at which Indy is travelling. Landing on the solid rock from above causes his bones to shatter, leaving him lying on the cold floor of the dungeon to enjoy the remaining few painful seconds of his life - having abandoned all hope.

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I just passed all test cases without considering this.

As far as I understood, Indy shouldn’t enter from TOP in Room Type 6. He should enter from LEFT, then exit to the RIGHT, or from RIGHT, then exit to the LEFT. It makes no difference in this level 1 puzzle, but I guess it will on other levels.


Just wanted to leave a quick feedback about this challenge: it shouldn’t be at the medium level. It’s a lot to type in to get the the routing by block type, but the logic behind it is as basic as possible. Or am I missing something?


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I was trying Indiana 1 puzzle, i couldnt find what mistake i did in the following code. Can someone please resolve it.


What about room type 1?
If i enter from top, can i only go one down as the arrow indicates?
or can i also move to the right or left?

Also room type 8.
If i enter from left, is the only choice down? or should i try to find the best exit?

(I am on indiana level 1 if it makes any difference)

There seems to be problem with the testcases? After i click show testcases, for the room type i got these:

WALL:LEFT:unlocked STRAIGHT:LEFT:unlocked WALL:UP:unlocked

Definitely not a medium puzzle. Just solved it with 9 lines of php… one shot.

I took a peek at level 2 where the tiles rotate.
Should tile 6 be treated like tile 2 normally, then as tile 7 once rotated clockwise or would tile 6 be treated like tile 3 where you can’t enter from the right?
I don’t see why tile 6 couldn’t be entered from all three sides with left and right being the only exits.

I suppose I could add a Direction:locked variable to compensate. But some clarity would be nice.

I’m in python 3 and it seems that from test case 2 the cells don’t correspond to what they are supposed to
this is what my maze looks like

is it me or is there a probleme?

this is how my input looks (the maze part):

0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0
0 11 2 2 2 2 13 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0
0 12 2 2 2 2 10 0

It’s a parsing problem on my end, I got it, thanks a lot!

I really liked this puzzle it was short and sweet to solve =D

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There are always plenty of solutions to solve a problem.
You can use a 2D array to store the type of each room and then refer to room[x,y] to get the type and move Indy accordingly (where x,y are the current position of Indy).

Oh, thanks

Room type 1 can enter from top or left or right but can only exit down.

Room type 8 can only enter from left or right, and can only exit down.

It helps to think of this as vertical maze (no moving up) instead of a traditional ‘flat on the ground’ maze.

I am not certain if this is a VB.NET language error, an error in the emulation or if it was just poor practice on my part but the String.Split function when using “||” (two pipe characters) as the split separator, is removing all pipes from the string. It was an easy enough problem to work around, but I figured I would pass it along.

This is my first time I’m trying this coding platform.I Have read the instructions for this question but i seem to be failing at the first test case itself.Can someone help me out here:

Here’s my code for the question.

[It’s not the place to post your code]