The Great Escape - Missing rules

It seems to me the Great Escape is based on the board game “Corridor.”
As such, there are important rules missing regarding the movements of pawn (“dragons”) IMO.
In the board game, when there is a adjacent pawn, you can jump on it to the next cell, hence advancing by 2 cells; And if there is a wall behind it, you can still jump on it but not beyond the wall so you need to choose to left-jump or right-jump (i.e., move “diagonally”).

This is an important rule as otherwise you can get stuck in a corridor. Unless the goal here is to force the opponent to move back but it does not fit in the spirit of the game.

Rules do not prohibit moving over the opponent. They are dragons, aren’t they?

We did not implemented this rule to avoid the complexity of the output that it would generate. We wanted to keep it simple.

Since a rule says that it is forbidden to completly block the access to the exit of an opponent, it still seems to be fair no ? Morevover, two dragons can fly on the same coordinates (no need to jump over) :slight_smile: